Open Positions

Postdoctoral Scholar in Computational/Theoretical Neuroscience

The research group of Lyle Muller in the Department of Applied Mathematics and the Brain and Mind Institute at Western University (London, Ontario) seeks a postdoctoral scholar in computational/theoretical neuroscience. This researcher will work within the international NeuroNex consortium studying the genetic, cellular, and network basis of working memory. The project will incorporate analysis of multichannel neural data and computational models ranging from single neurons to spiking neural networks and machine learning algorithms. The researcher will work within a dynamic team and with data at multiple scales (transcriptomics, intracellular patch clamp, and extracellular spiking data). This work will utilize a combination of large-scale numerical simulations, supervised/unsupervised learning, and analytical approaches. Prior experience with scientific computing languages (MATLAB, Julia, or Python) is preferred. Prior experience with computational modeling, dynamical systems, and random graph theory is also preferred. Western University offers an excellent research environment and support.


Commitment to Diversity

Our research consortium and the individual labs are deeply committed to fostering diversity in scientific research. Applicants from groups historically underrepresented in neuroscience are strongly encouraged, and applicants are welcomes to write any PIs with questions about the research environment.