Open Positions

NeuroNex Post-doctoral Position – University of Pittsburgh

A postdoctoral scientist position is currently available in the Translational Neuroscience Program, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

The position is primarily funded by the NeuroNex program of the National Science Foundation (NSF), within a multidisciplinary international network of laboratories in Canada, Germany and the US. Our NeuroNex network, The Fabric of the Primate Neocortex and the Origin of Mental Representations, is dedicated to study the molecular, cellular, physiological and neural network basis of working memory in the primate brain.

The postdoctoral position in Pittsburgh is based in the laboratories of Drs Guillermo Gonzalez Burgos and David A Lewis. Our labs are part of the group of laboratories, in our NeuroNex network, investigating the cellular physiology of neurons involved in the mechanisms of working memory, using patch clamp electrophysiology in acute brain slices.

Our project plans to study, in vitro, neurophysiological mechanisms that may contribute to activity patterns mediating working memory in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and other areas of the primate neocortex. In addition, we plan on using patch-seq methods to obtain gene expression data from the recorded neurons.

Previous experience using patch clamp techniques in acute brain slices is strictly necessary to apply for this position. Knowledge of MatLab and/or Python programming languages is an advantage, but not strictly required.


Commitment to Diversity

Our research consortium and the individual labs are deeply committed to fostering diversity in scientific research. Applicants from groups historically underrepresented in neuroscience are strongly encouraged, and applicants are welcomes to write any PIs with questions about the research environment.